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Swimming Pool Acid Wash

Swimming Pool Acid WashMesa Swimming Pool Acid Wash Picture After

Acid washing is done by draining the swimming pool and coating the plaster with a diluted amount of special acid. This acid will remove a thin layer of pool plaster and the mineral buildup that is coating the top of the plaster to reveal a bright, new layer of swimming pool plaster underneath.

When you are deciding what company to choose to do your swimming pool acid wash in Mesa, Arizona make sure that you use a company that is knowledgeable in regards to acid washes.

This process is quite safe when done by an experienced professional swimming pool tech. but the process can be very destructive to your pool if completed incorrectly.

Make sure that whoever you choose to acid wash your pool, whether you need an acid wash in Mesa or an acid wash in Chandler, Tempe or Scottsdale, make sure that whoever is doing it knows what they are doing.

The result of over acid washing can be as small as an undesired color in the plaster or pebble-tec or it can be as severe as flaking or chipping plaster which is noticeable a week or two after you have refilled your swimming pool.

We also provide swimming pool acid washes in Chandler Arizona and Swimming pool acid washes in Gilbert, Arizona.

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