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Mold, Algae and Chlorine Baths

Mold, algae and chlorine baths oh my…Mesa Pool Maintenance Picture

Pool Service Mesa prefers to remove mold or algae in swimming pools using algaecide first. This can typically be done in on a few days to a week if your swimming pool filtration and circulations system is working well.

Occasionally a pool will begin to grow what is called "black algae". We remove this by draining the pool and giving it a "chlorine bath". When Pool Service Mesa chlorine baths pools in Mesa, Arizona we completely drain the pool and coat it in chlorine.

We then clean any spots with algae by scrubbing them with a special brush, with a special emphasis on the areas that are needed for complete black algae removal in swimming pools.

We scrub the areas that have black algae with more force then the other areas of your swimming pool. When this is done we will them remove the chlorine from your pool using our own pumps and refill it with water.

Call Pool Service Mesa today if you are looking for a professional pool service for your swimming pool in Mesa, Chandler or Gilbert, Arizona. We can help with weekly full service swimming pool maintenance service, chemical service, swimming pool repair

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